Red Lead

Red Lead (Pb304 or 2PbO, PbO2) is soft orange and red colored powder. It is a useful ingredient for the storage battery, glass & ceramic industry and it occupies an important place in the Paint Industry for its rust inhibiting character. It is virtually insoluble in water and alcohol. However, it is soluble in the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach, therefore it is toxic when ingested. It dissolves in hydrochloric acid, glacial acetic acid, and a diluted mixture of nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Red Lead


Red Lead is used to a certain extent in the ceramics and glass, paints and pigments and explosives industries.Our Red Lead Non-Setting is a highly superior quality product and is the market leader.

S S International also produces Red Lead Ordinary conforming to IS :57-1989 Type A and B. This formula corresponds to a PbO2 content significantly lower than 34.0% dependent upon the particular application in which they are to be used.

Red Lead Typical Specifications:

ColourOrange Red to Brick RedOrange Red to Brick RedBrilliant Orange Red to Brick Red
Crystal StructureSpinal StructureSpinal StructureSpinal Structure
Thermal Stability500 ° C500 ° C500 ° C
Specific Gravity9.19.19.1
Retention on 240 mesh IS Sieve(63 micron) (max %)
Apparent Density (Scott) gm/cc1.6 to 1.81.3 to 1.61.2 to 1.3
Matter soluble in water (in %)
Water Absorption mg/gm90 to 10090 to 110100 to 110
Acid Absorption mg/gm160 to 170150 to 160130 to 150
Volatile Matter at 105°C (in %)
Oil Absorption %6-76-76-7
Free Lead (% Max)TracesTracesTraces
PbO2 (in %)15.1 to 25.125.2 to 33.233.3 and above
Pb3O443.0 to 72.072.1 to 95.095.1 and above
Total Lead Oxide99.599.599.5
UsesBoiler & Water Pipe LineLead Acid Batteries
Heat proof glasses Ceramics
Optical glasses
Fluorescent tubes
Surface coating
Storage batteries
Rubber & plastics
Moisture Content (% Max)
Purity (% Min)99.9799.9799.97
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