Litharge, which is Lead Mono-Oxide (PbO) is a yellowish or reddish, odorless, heavy, earthy, water-insoluble, solid, PbO, used chiefly in the manufacture of Lead Stabilizers (Lead Steareates), pottery, Lead glass, paints, enamels, and inks.Litharge is also called Lead Monoxide, Lead Oxide, Plumbous Oxide & Yellow oxide.

Specifications of Litharge

ColourCanary Yellow with Reddish tinch
Crystal StructureOrthorhombic + Tetragonal
Specific Gravity9.5 to 9.9
Thermal Stability250 ° C to 897 ° C
Retention on 240 mesh BS Sieve/63
micron IS Sieve (max %)
Apparent Density (scott) gm/cc1.8 to 2.2
Subsidence in Petrol / Water mi/gm0.40 to 0.42
Acid Absorption mg/gm80 to 110
Solubility in Water gm/litre0.10
Oil Absorption %0.1
Insoluble matter in Acetic Acid (% Max)0.08
Melting point (°C)888
Volatile matter (% max)0.20
Water insoluble in acetic acid (% max)0.10
Water Absorption100 – 105 mg/gm
Pb3O4(% max)0.06
Free Lead (% Max)0.01 to 0.05
PbO (% Min)99.5
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