Dust Collection System

S S International has the tie up with industrial leaders which provide state-of-the-art technology and leading manufacturers/ suppliers of tailor made Dust Collection System. Associated partners are having excellent in-house design facility and state-of-art manufacturing units combined with diligent team of engineers. SSI offers best suitable stage for individual project planning and construction of tailor-made Dust Collection System for various applications. S S International specializes in design and engineering of durable and cost effective system to give optimum performance suitable for various industrial applications. 

A Dust Collection System is basically an air quality improvement system used in various  industries to improve breathable air quality and safety by removing particulate matter from the air and environment. Dust collection system works on the basic principle of capture, convey and collect. 

First, the dust must be confined with the help of devices such as capture hoods to catch dust at its source of origin. Dust can be confined from different sources by using multiple hoods. 

Second, the dust must be conveyed via a ducting system, properly sized and manifolded to maintain a consistent minimum air velocity required to keep the dust in suspension for conveyance to the collection device. A duct of the wrong size can lead to material settling in the duct system and clogging it.

Finally, the dust is collected via a variety of means, depending on the application and the dust being handled. It can be as simple as a basic pass-through bag filter, a cyclonic separator or it can also be complex as an electrostatic precipitator, a multistage bag house, or a chemically treated wet scrubber.

Industrial Applications

Lead Metal Industry
•Cement Plants
•Steel Plants
•Power Plants
•Textile Industry
•Sugar Plants
•Paper Mills
•Fly Ash
•Wood Working
•Material Recovery and many more

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