Pure Lead

High Quality 99.985% Pure Lead Ingots

We are one of the prominent trading firm for Pure Lead ingots.

Composition of Refined Lead / Pure Lead

ElementsSymbol Composition in %
AntimonySb0.001 (max)
ArsenicAs0.001 (max)
TinSn0.001 (max)
CopperCu0.001 (max)
BismuthBi0.025 (max)
IronFe0.002 (max)
NickelNi0.002 (max)
SilverAg0.005 (max)
Zinc>Zn0.001 (max)
CalciumCa0.0005 (max)
SulphurS0.0005 (max)
AluminumAl0.0005 (max)
SeleniumSe0.0005 (max)
CadmiumCd0.0005 (max)
TelluriumTe0.0010 (max)
LeadPb99.975 (min)

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