Lead Oxide

Lead Oxide (Grey Oxide)

The Greyish color Lead oxide is also known as lead sub oxide, grey oxide, battery oxide. The Grey Oxide is produced in the ball mill plant & the process is an endothermic reaction. The chemical formulae of Lead suboxide are (2PbO.Pb). The Lead suboxide is used extensively in the preparation of plates in Lead Acid Batteries.

Lead Oxide Specification / Composition

ColorBlackish to Greenish Grey
Crystal StructureTetragonal
Apparent Density1.4 – 1.6
Retention on 240 mesh (63 micron) (max %)0.1
Retention on 325 mesh %2.0
Water Absorption mg/gm110-120
Acid Absorption mg/gm160-200
Free Lead (% Max)25-40
Lead Monoxide (%)60-75

Packaging Details:

  • 25 Kg. Bag Packing
  • Box Packing
  • 1 MT jumbo bag packing

Uses of Lead Oxide / Grey Oxide

  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Electroplating Anode
  • Sulphuric Acid Tank Liners
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