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Marketing Advisory Contracts

SS International is committed to provide the business edge to those customers who are having limited clientele & getting average prices for their produced products.

Marketing advisory contract is been designed for them to get the right price for their quality material. Under this agreement, SSI will market & offer their produced Lead (Pure Lead, RML & Lead alloys) to the international buyers & will look after the orders for them as per right prices.

Annual Production Contracts
Annual Production Contracts

SSI international is having good expertise team of engineering professionals who are working in engineering field more than decade & supervising the production of Lead, Aluminium & Plastic industry & serving them by their vast knowledge & deep processing experience.

Under this contract, SSI will depute their technical engineers (one or two as per requirement by client) who will supervise the entire production (lead, aluminium & Plastic) & will be responsible for producing the right quality material which will can be easily sold out to International buyers as per the good rates.

All the expenses like salary of the deputed engineers, food etc will be managed by SSI only.

This is a kind of creating the more values for the customers which will ensure the right production with quality from their existing or new facilities.

Technical Consultancy & Innovations
Technical Consultancy & Innovations

SSI is utilizing its deep engineering background & vast knowledge of its professionals in exploring the right technology with minimum running cost.

In this section, SSI will be offering the latest technology of Lead, Aluminium & Plastic to the needy customers & will be resolving the issues of frequent breakdowns, dis-functioning of machinery, highly stack emissions as well as smooth functioning of the plant.

Existing plant technology up-gradation with new innovations implementation will be covered under this service.

Consultancy for New Battery production Line

SSI is having business tie up with European MNCs for the new battery manufacturing lines. Similarly SSI is having business tie ups with Korean & Japanese companies to assist the needy customers under one roof.

Under this service, all the consultancy for the new SMF line & conventional battery manufacturing line will be taken care by SSI & will offer the one source supplier concept for all the battery segment needs starting from battery recycling to new battery manufacturing under one shed.

SSI is working on the business concept of Integrated battery recycling & manufacturing concept under one roof whereat customers can save around 15 to 16 % of their running operations & logistic cost to compete in the international market.

S S International is pioneering in the business of non ferrous metal , engineering solutions for process & metal industries, business consultancy & trading of non ferrous metal & various commodities


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