Material Handling Equipment

Screw conveyors
We offer highly efficient Screw Conveyors that are used to carry bulk materials from one point to another over a short distance. It is unlike belt conveyors and pneumatic conveyors that can convey to a long distance. It is apt for carrying materials having good flow ability, which includes powder to granular type materials. Screw Conveyor is made from mild steel, special steel or stainless steel and consists of screw flight, trough, and a drive arrangement.

Type of Screw Conveyors

  • Paddle Screw Flight – Used for mixing, blending, stirring etc.
  • Ribbon Screw Flight – It consists of a helical flight from a flat and is supported by vertical lug to the central pipe. It is largely used for conveying sticky or viscous material.
  • Continuous Screw Flight – Ideal for various applications
  • Cut Screw Flight – Used, where moderate mixing and conveying is required

Rotary Airlock Valve (RAV)
Rotary Airlock Valve (RAV) is the equipment which is fitted below the Bag Filter, Cyclone, Multi-cyclone etc. The main function of the RAV is to lock the air and discharge the dust / powder. In the Bag Filter system there is negative pressure inside the Bag Filter so at the powder discharge point if there is any air leakage the powder will not fall down. Hence, to restrict the leakage we provide the Rotary Airlock Valve. RAV consists of a stator & rotor. The radial & axial clearance is between 0.1 to 0.3 mm. The rotor has vanes (6 or 8) welded on the shaft. The rotor is mounted on the bearings at both the ends of the stator. A Geared Motor is provided to rotate the rotor. Since the clearance between rotor & stator is very low, the air leak is minimum and it delivers only powder.

Available In Types

  • Drop through Rotary Airlock
  • Side Entry Rotary Airlock
  • Blow through Rotary Airlock

Slide Gate valves are available in 3 basic types

Industries Served
• Cement
• Non Ferrous
• Paper Mill
• Steel
• Power Plant
• Sponge Iron
• Ferro Alloys

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