Bag Filter

Pulse Jet Bag Filter
The Bag House/Bag Filter is generic name of Air Pollution Control Equipment. It is designed around the use of engineered fabric, filter tubes, envelopes or cartridges in capturing dust, separating dust or filtration process. AIL provides reliable and highly efficient Bag Filters and Bag House systems.

The dust laden gas enters through inlet nozzle and spreads all over the entire cross section of the bag filter. The gas moves up & passes through the bags, enters the clean air plenum through the top open end of the bags. During the passage of the gases through the fabric, the dust is retained on the outside surface of the bags. As the filtration proceeds the thickness of the dust layer on the fabric surface increases resulting in increase in pressure drop across the fabric. This necessitates the cleaning of the bags. Since the air flow is from outside to inside, the bags tend to collapse and are held by the wire cages, whose shape they acquire. The compressed air passing through the solenoid valves injects air at very high velocity for a short duration. This produces a shock wave causing the bag to expand and dislodging the dust cake which falls into the hopper. This unit is generally meant to operate with a pressure differential of 100-125 mmWG.
Online Pulse Jet Bag Filters
In an online bag filter system, bags are cleaned row by row, even when the dust laden gas is entering the casing. The sequence of cleaning is controlled automatically by a sequence controller. This operates the assembly of solenoid valves which direct the air flow into the manifolds. The holes are perfectly aligned with the venturi centre for achieving maximum cleaning efficiency. Offline Pulse Jet Bag FiltersThis mode incorporates the advantages of pulse jet bag filters, as well as that of a reverse air bag house. Each compartment is similar to an online pulse jet bag filter. The cleaning process consists of sequentially isolating each compartment and cleaning it with compressed air. All compartments are then cleaned automatically. Offline cleaning is suitable for light and fine dust and for larger volumes where the occurrence of fluidization is a distinct possibility.

The offline bag filter generally contains 4 to 6 bag filter compartments. Each compartment is similar to online bag filter. Gas flow through a compartment is stopped temporarily when the pulse cleaning of the bags is to be done. The dust dislodged from bags settles quickly in the hoppers because of absence of gas movement in the bag filter compartment. During this time the remaining compartments keep filtering the gases as usual. Each compartment is cleaned one after another in the same manner. The starting and stopping of gas flow through individual compartments is achieved through a compact pneumatic damper system. Advantages of AIL Pulse Jet Bag Filter
Easy installation – Depending on size, unit is shipped fully assembled or in PANEL form for quick and easy field erection, low field labor cost. Provides design flexibility to address site-specific arrangement.
Enhanced Pulse System Design – Improved cleaning efficiency. Reduced Pressure loss. Reduces compressed air use and power consumption. 
Quick Bag Replacements – Snap band arrangement of fixing filter bags and cages are designed for easy installation, quick replacement.
Minimal Maintenance – No internal moving parts hence maintenance is reduced. Dust collector shutdown is minimized.
Increased Bag life – Filter Bag life is enhanced by optimizing the bag cleaning mechanism and by reduced compressed air usage.
On-line maintenance access – Eliminates forced outages for fabric filter maintenance. Clean side maintenance minimizes personnel exposure to fly ash, dust etc.
Automated System – Periodic compressed air pulsing removes accumulated dust from the bags with cleaning frequency and duration adjusted by solid-state timers or PLC.

Typical Industrial Applications

  • Lead Metal Industry
  • Cement Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Steel Plant
  • Coal
  • Power Plants
  • Fly Ash
  • Incinerator
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textile Industry
  • Wood Working
  • Sugar Plants
  • Material Recovery and many more.
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